About Us And Gas

We are dedicated to safe and professional domestic gas installations and repairs.

We place safety at the heart of our work and make sure that our clients satisfaction is met at all times.

We have one installer who takes pride in his work who was trained by one of the best installers in SA.

We also issue gas certificates on completion by an independent certified installer.

On average between 30 & 50% of household electricity usage is wasted on heating water. The most common size electric geyser is 150 litres which is a lot of water to heat up if you only want to wash some dishes in an 8 litre sink or a shower using around 10 litres per minute. Realistically you would not even get the full 150 litres of hot water from your geyser as every time you open a hot tap cold water is entering the geyser cooling down the remaining hot water.

Instantaneous gas water heating is by far more cost effective and you never run out of hot water.If you want 8 litres of hot water you will only pay to heat 8 litres and if there is a large family that all want to shower one after the other there will be no waiting for the storage tank to reheat. Manyhappy customers have reported R600 to R1000 per month saving on their electricity bills. We find that a 19kg cylinder will last a family of 4 for about 6 months……and it costs around R400!

Burst geysers in the roof with expensive damage will become a thing of the past as with gas heating no water is stored.

There are many gas water heater sizes and makes so call us out for a free quote to convert over to gas and we can advise on the best system to suit your house and daily requirements.

Dewhot gas water heaters are the standard model water heater that can be installed inside or outside with a natural draft flue system. Dewhot have a range of gas water heaters from 6 litres per minute to 16 litres per minute as can be seen on their website www.dewhot.com . No electricity is required because they are ignited electronically by 2 torch batteries.

At Gas Appliance Specialist Centre we recommend the Dewhot range of standard water heaters due to their reliability and excellent after sales service. They have an abundance of technical knowledge and are always able to assist with any query. Dewhot are a South African brand with an excellent back up service – if you should have a real problem, the MD answers the call!

Contact us for any questions or advice!